Welcome to Green Dot Medical Marijuana
Delivery Service and Collective



1. The name of the membership based collective is the GREEN DOT Association.

2. The purposes of the collective are:

a. To establish a non profit entity to facilitate the transition of the market for
cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes from an illicit one to a licit
one, to ensure medicinal cannabis is accessible in a similar manner as other
medicinal herbs, in accordance with our vision;

b. To ensure the availability of a supply of cannabis and cannabis products for
medical purposes only that meets appropriate quality standards regarding
unadulteration and sanitation and other requirements;

c. To provide a method for member patients to receive and use cannabis for medical purposes only, on written authorization from their physicians; and with a DHS state-issued ID card.

d. To educate physicians, patients, politicians and the general public about the
beneficial medical uses of cannabis and cannabis products;

e. To raise funds and accept donations to encourage and facilitate research into all
aspects of medical cannabis use, including, but not limited to, appropriate
methods of use of cannabis and cannabis products for medical purposes
including quality standards, potency, methods of administration, appropriate
dosages, cannabinoid profile-symptom relief correlation, and all other areas of
interest to medicinal cannabis using community, excluding the facilitation of
production of pharmaceutical products;

f. To provide information as a result of these activities to enable the enactment or
promulgation of or amendments to laws either Federal or State or Municipal,
to legalize the production, distribution, use and possession of cannabis, in
accordance with our vision;

g. To provide access to and information regarding natural therapies;

h. To participate in the approval, control and regulation of distributors and
producers of cannabis and cannabis products for medicinal purposes, to ensure
cannabis is accessible in a similar manner as other herbs, in accordance with our

i. To provide for the lawful possession of cannabis and cannabis products for
member patients upon prescription from their doctors and with a state approved DHS card.

j. To operate with and to serve as a working model of alternatives and solutions,
which includes the utilization of consensus process and consensus decision-
making as an alternative to heirarchical structures.

3. No member of the collective or of the board of directors, in that capacity, shall request or
receive from any member of the staff of the collective, or in any other way obtain any
information which would reveal the identity of the clients of the collective.

4. The purpose of the collective shall be carried out without purpose of gain for its members
and any profits or other accretions to the collective shall be used for promoting its purposes.

5. On the winding up or dissolution of the collective, funds or assets remaining after all debts
have been paid shall be transferred to a charitable institution.

6. Notwithstanding clause two of this constitution, all purposes shall be organized and
operated exclusively on a non-profit basis.

7. No director or officer shall be remunerated for being or acting as a director or officer, but
a director or officer may be reimbursed for all expenses necessarily and reasonably
incurred by him or her while engaged in the affairs of the collective.

8. No part of the income of the collective shall be payable or otherwise available for the
personal benefit of any proprietor, member, director, officer or shareholder.

9. Paragraphs 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of this constitution are unalterable.




(1) The bylaws of this association must contain provisions for the following:
(a) the admission of members, their rights and obligations and when they cease to be in good standing;
(b) the conditions under which membership ceases and the manner, if any, in which a member may be expelled;
(c) the procedure for calling general meetings;
(d) the rights of voting at general meetings, whether proxy voting is allowed, and if proxy voting is allowed, provisions for it;
(e) the appointment and removal of directors and officers and their duties, powers and remuneration, if any;
(f) the exercise of borrowing powers;
(g) the preparation and custody of minutes of meetings of the association and its directors.
2. Any changes to the bylaws must be voted upon by the members of the association.

Part 2 — Membership

3. The members of the collective are the applicants for incorporation of the collective and those persons who subsequently have become members, in accordance with these by- laws and, in either case, have not ceased to be members.

4. Any person, including a corporation, interested in the objects of the collective, may become a member by (a) applying to and being accepted by the directors for membership in the collective and (b) paying such fees, if any, as may be determined by the directors from time to time.

5. Each member shall uphold the constitution and comply with these by-laws.

6. A person shall cease to be a member of the collective:

(1) by delivering a written resignation to the secretary of the collective or by
mailing or by delivering it to the address of the collective, or
(2) on death or in the case of a corporation, on dissolution; or
(3) on being expelled; or
(4) on having been a member not in good standing for 12 consecutive months.

7. A member who has failed to pay the current annual membership fee or any other subscription or debt due and owing by such member to the collective is not in good standing so long as the fee, subscription or debt remains unpaid.

8. A person failing to maintain their State issued DHS card or having an expired doctor recommendation.

9. The rights of voting, whether proxy or allowed will be determined at the first general meeting. There will be a manager/member of the association at all times who will be determined by vote. The exercise of borrowing powers and the appointment and removal of any directors or officers will also be determined by vote. The preparation and custody of minutes of meetings by the association will be made by an impartial party--preferably a hired, non-member or a member who is an attorney.



CALIFORNIA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE Sec. 11362.5(B)(1)(A) & 11362.7(H)