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Based on proven and safe technology the Vape-PenTM has transformed the concept of an electronic cigarette for the first time ever applying it to vaporizing healing herbs.

The GreenDot collective is proud to offer the revolutionary Vape-Pen !! Members may access the Vape-Pen by scheduling a delivery. Non-members may get more info by requesting to be contacted by using our secure signup page.

The LED on the tip of the rechargeable Lithium battery glows upon inhalation, powering the atomizer. As the atomizer heats the liquid herb within the cartridge, the formula is instantly vaporized at a specific temperature which is controlled by a microprocessor. The resulting vapor is light in taste and color. Vape-Pen supports nature's healing herbs in a smokeless, odorless form that is rapidly absorbed. Nanoparticles of natural healing medicine are delivered in a mist of pure water vapor.


Discover The Herbal Solution!

Based on a device originally used as a cigarette replacement, now greatly improved. vape pen incorporates a microprocessor to exactly control a low-temperature atomizer. Low temperature atomization minimizes oxidation of the herbs being inhaled.

Our atomizers are constructed of surgical stainless steel and are RoHS certified. all components are made in an ISO 9001 certified factory with strict quality assurance. The Vape-Pen™ is assembled and tested in the USA.

At the heart of the Vape-Pen™ is an advanced microprocessor controller. This chip monitors the temperature and timing of the atomization process. Conventional vaporizers use a higher temperature to vaporize bulk materials. The Vape-Pen™ utilizes a special low-temperature technology which results in far more efficient delivery. Because less of the active ingredients are degraded by oxidation, more herbal goodness reaches your body. This improved efficiency is the key to the lower cost of use. The Vape-Pen™ only operates with the special liquid herb formulations. Use of any other material will result in less than satisfactory results and it voids the warranty.

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